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Hi, I’m Hannah, I’m a Business Coach, Personal Branding Strategist & Entrepreneur

I believe we should live a life which excites us and fulfils us, where we wake up everyday excited for our day ahead, on a Monday as well as a Saturday! I have never been someone who was happy to settle for a less and when I found myself lost in a job which didn’t light me up, I left it to find more… and I did! For us to love our lives, we need to love our work and that starts with understanding who you are, what you love, what you’re good at and what people need! Once you’ve found that sweet spot, you’ve found your business! I love working with people to find the sweet spot and then turn it into a brand and business. Why a personal brand? Because people buy from people! Combining your personality, your passions and your skills enables you to create something totally unique.

Let me tell you a little about my story…

In 2017 I was completely lost, I was unfulfilled, confused and unsure what I wanted from life. I was working in Digital & Innovation Consulting at a top global firm so I didn’t want to leave unless I was going somewhere seriously amazing. I had a ton of passion but no where to direct it and a combination of overwhelm and lack of confidence prevented me from going out on my own and starting my own business. In March 2018 I went to Bali for the 3rd time with my 2 best friends and saw all these tanned, happy, free people working on their laptops and thought, I want a bit of that. I made the decision there and then that in 2018 I would move to Bali in search of freedom, happiness and a plan for my future.

2018 was fantastic, I made some amazing friends, had some incredible experiences and learnt a TON. I found freedom, happiness and self love, what more could I want. Despite my passion and hard work, I found myself in a great deal of debt, still a little lost and a little confused. I had started 3 businesses, each one after the previous one wasn’t going in the right direction and ended up overwhelmed and lacking confidence, AGAIN. Fortunately, the work I’d done on myself, the things I’d learned (and the fact I quit drinking alcohol) I didn’t panic too much. I spent a few weeks reviewing my first year as an Entrepreneur, looked at what worked and what hadn’t. I was sick of spending time on sales calls with clients who wanted the world for £500 per month or wanted to steal my knowledge and then ghost me. I’m someone who believes strongly in personal responsibility, so I knew that I had created this world I was in, it was noones fault. I knew there were people out there who were running profitable businesses they loved, working with clients who valued them, so what was I do wrong?

2019 bought me clarity, I carried on deeply studying business and life. Practicing mediation, getting plenty of sleep and rest and being inspired by the amazing game changers and disruptors I’d been following. After a while, it started to fall into place and a combination of intentional hard work, faith and total openness brought me a new way of doing things, now I want to share that with you! I realised the strategies and processes I’d be implementing with my clients, teaching at workshops and sharing on stage were completely right, I just wasn’t properly implementing them on myself. So I took myself on my very own programme to redefine and reshape my personal brand and my business and it worked a charm. Now I knew it worked for sure, and I could sleep at night knowing that if it was something I’d personally spend my time and money on (I decided to put my income on old for 4 weeks while I perfected it) I put it into a programme called ‘Powerful Branding’ so I could help other passionate entrepreneurs do the same.

Nothing makes me happier than supporting passionate people to go after their dreams. I look forward to joining you on your journey

Hannah x

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